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Happy New Year!

The Chilliwax Records family wish you the very best in 2024. We are brimming with excitement for the possibilities for the New Year. We have more plans to increase your enjoyment in the Sound Lounge, and we have introduced Angels Horn Turntables which are really cool, and we recently added a couple step-up turntables and speakers, but we are keeping it accessible and affordable. We will be exploring with some vinyl distributers we have neglected, and hoping to get some cool new stuff very soon. Please keep the special orders coming, and help us to know what our music community craves. We look forward to seeing you soon!

 Matthew, Kyle, Laura, Payton and Susana

Your friends at Chilliwax Records
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Welcome to the Sound Lounge!


When you walk in the store, you, like many other visitors are immediately struck by the well stocked and organized selection of records we stock, in both vintage and new vinyl. But don't forget to head on through the store, and make a right turn at the back counter and check out our SOUND LOUNGE. We offer affordable options for turntables, speakers, headphones and more from Edifier, Audio Technica, Crosley and Angels Horn, as well as some unique record storage products by Glorious Audio. Make your vinyl experience amazing

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Introducing ANGELS HORN turntables 

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If You Love Vinyl, You are in for a Treat!

NEW and Vintage Vinyl

Looking for a huge selection of new and vintage vinyl housed in a warm and inviting store? Chilliwax Records is everything you are looking for in a store to hang out, buy vinyl and audio equipment, as well as a great selection of vinyl storage, tees, posters, stickers and more! 

We carry everything - from Metal to Classical, with an outstanding selection of classic rock, country, hiphop, and all the current hits.

If you are looking for a new record and we don't have it, we will happily order it for you if it is available! Please understand though, that suppliers may not have your selection in stock and it could take months to arrive. We don't require a deposit, but we request that you pick it up or pay for it over the phone or by e-transfer within a week after we call. 

Special Orders are our Specialty

We Buy Records
We buy records!

We Buy Records

We Pay Cash! (or eTransfer)

We buy full collections of any size

Our knowledgeable staff will offer you a fair price for your collection when you decide it is time to part with some (or all) of your records. 

If you have less an a hundred or so records, please bring them in and we will check it on the spot, or we may have to keep it a short time to make a fair evaluation. 

If you have larger collection, please let us know and we will come to you!

Contact Us
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Contact Us

Looking for the best music in the Fraser Valley and beyond?
Contact Chilliwax Records today to start spinning!

45895 Wellington Avenue
Chilliwack, BC V2P 2C6


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